We focus our production on two first-class wines, Barbera d’Alba Superiore and Barbera d’Alba Na’stissa. An outstanding Barolo is ageing in our oak barrels, as well, looking forward to join you starting from 2018 springtime.

Fruity, full-bodied, with a balanced and elegant texture.

Origin: La Morra
Grape variety: Barbera 100%
Colour: Ruby red

Fresh, vinous, harmonious, with a delicate aroma of red berries.

Origin: La Morra
Grape variety: Barbera 100%
Colour: Ruby red
Coming soon
Barolo DOCG

Coming soon ….. the king of wines (like Camillo Benso was used to say)

Origin: La Morra
Vineyard: Barolo 100%

"Start making wine is an act of courage, because the red gold of the Langhe is it gold, but at the same time, is red not only for the wine, it is red for the passion that you must feel to become winemaker: passion, hard work and dreams."

PAOLO E. VALPERGA - Passionate wine lover


In the heart of the Langhe, a UNESCO heritage site for its unique landscapes and incredible wine productions, in the hamlet of Santa Maria de La Morra, in the province of Cuneo, is located the farm La Roncaglia, strong of a century-old family tradition.


The Roncaglia is born of love for our land and its sunny vineyards. Our passion is to work with dedication to create great wines, that comply with the magnificence of the territory where they were born.


We wanted to preserve our family tradition, renewing it with a deep change, but always in line with our original values.


We strongly believe that wine is an authentic expression of the territory from which it came. We love and respect our lands and the people who have trod them before us; to them and to the land we owe the excellence of our wines.

A selection of events and curiosities about the winemakers world.
Stories of life, passion and pride.

04 07 2017in La Roncaglia

Ricordo, correva l'ultimo anno del turbolento '900, studente liceale fui invitato, quasi per caso, alla presentazione del nuovo Barolo a Torino, a Palazzo Falletti, in via delle Orfane.

07 06 2017in Curiosità

Barbera and champagne tonight we drink… so the pitied Giorgio Gaber sang, in a story of love and disappointment.

06 06 2017in La Roncaglia

When talking about Barbera, strictly feminine, the first thing a Piedmontese guy thinks about, is the Piola, the tavern, a place for libations and singing, friendships, loves, play and passions, sports and politics, all united by a boundless love for the...

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La Roncaglia – La Morra, Cuneo