19 01 2021in Novità

We look forward!

For the first time in its history, La Roncaglia will produce a white wine, it will be Viognier!

We have long thought about which new denomination to include in our range of special wines. As you know, we have been producing grapes for over a hundred years and superior wines, in limited quantities, to be offered to enthusiasts, through direct contact with a small number of winelovers, restaurants and wine bars.

The unique characteristics of its bouquet have convinced us that Viognier can enrich the experience of our enthusiasts, through an "important" vine for the production of grapes vinified in a "special" way.

The planting of the cuttings took place in May 2020, so we will begin tasting the first bunches in September 2022 to have the wine ready 12 months later.

On a future occasion I will share the vinification and aging procedures with our enthusiasts.

Below I leave you some historical notes and organoleptic characteristics

Viognier originates from the Rhône Valley and has been widespread in France for 2000 years.

Viognier is a wine with unique characteristics, it combines the structure of the best Chardonnays with the freshness of Sauvignon Blanc and its bouquet offers “aromatic” and tropical notes worthy of a Gewurztraminer.

It manages to release all its great aromatic sumptuousness only if brought to ideal ripeness.

  • The color is very bright straw yellow.
  • The nose is a riot of flowers with lily of the valley, lemon flowers, narcissus, gardenia, acacia flowers and lavender, accompanied by classic notes of peach, citrus peel to finish with star anise, sage and cardamom. The scents that will make you recognize Viognier are a typical, triune, inextricable scent of gooseberry, acacia and apricot.
  • On the palate it is warm, round, with a medium freshness, moderate sapidity and persistent finish that flows into flavors of apricot.

Stay with us, we will tell you how we want to make wine and refine it.