06 05 2021in Eventi

Fresh new air in the cellar

The renovation of the cellar has started. It will be ready for the harvest!

As you know, we have been coming from 18 very complicated months for our job, which is also our greatest passion. We have thought for a long time, in recent months, whether to give up or continue to believe in it, whether it was more appropriate to aim at reducing costs and minimizing damages, or turning this problem into a great opportunity for renewal.

We are incurable optimists, we are stubborn, we believe in the excellence of our territory and in the power of the brand and so, with a good dose of recklessness, we have decided to move forward, invest and improve ourselves.

New temperature-controlled fermenters, new air conditioning system in refinement, new barrels, new press, new destemmer, ……. everything you need to make the most of what nature offers us in the Langhe area.

Everything must work well in time for the next harvest.

We will keep you informed.