07 06 2017in Curiosità

Barbera and champagne,
Barbera in music and literature

Barbera and champagne tonight we drink… so the pitied Giorgio Gaber sang, in a story of love and disappointment.

Same  Giovanni Arpino did, speaking of the Grande Torino, Russ cume 'l sang fort cume 'l Barbera veuj ricurdete adess, me grand Turin. En cui ani 'd sagrin unica e sula la tua blessa jera. (Red as blood, strong as Barbera, now I want to remind my great Torino. In those years of suffering, the only one beauty was your own).

Barbera, wine loved by musicians and composers, popular wine friend of artists and writers, barbera inspiration for painters, just remember the thriving art scene of the Turin second half of the twentieth century, inveterate goers piòle and circles, sanctuaries of our beautiful Langa wine.