06 06 2017in La Roncaglia

The soul and the meat.
Barbera and Piedmontese cuisine.

When talking about Barbera, strictly feminine, the first thing a Piedmontese guy thinks about, is the Piola, the tavern, a place for libations and singing, friendships, loves, play and passions, sports and politics, all united by a boundless love for the queen of glasses of thick glass: the Barbera.

And with our two Barbera, the Superior and the easy-drinkable 'Na stissa, we want renew this ideal reference to the Piòle, nearly lost or maybe launched, with uncertain, stumbling step, perhaps marked by a few drinks, in our present.  
And then, why not, Barbera as great wine, from the Piòle to the starry tables, the Barbera as bold accompaniment of molecular cuisine, Barbera with river fish, Barbera with the dessert, the Superior  Barbera, with full rights, the truffle companion.

And then the Barbera with great Langhe cuisine, rich in flavors and pleasures, with roasts, with plin, with boiled meat and sauces, with variety of mixed  meats with vegetables. 
And going down to the Mediterranean sea, Barbera as excellent companion of the Provençal aioli. And then Barbera for braised meat  (not only Barolo feeds the meat), risotto alla Barbera, the essence of Superior Barbera on ice cream, peaches and wine, the great classic of poor desserts but precious today with the Superior Barbera, muscovado sugar and vineyard peaches.

Barbera, in short, cannot fail at the table, as it should not miss the bread. Barbera is the everyday wine.

Make your wonderful your everyday life with our Barbera.